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Greeting by A.A. Rudometov, Director of the Museum of the Heroic Defense of Sevastopol

We congratulate you on the opening of the museum, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the first drifting station “North Pole – 1”, under the guidance of Sevastopol citizen I.D. Papanin, and the non-stop flights of Valery Chkalov’s and Mikhail Gromov’s teams. I am sure that MVK International Exhibition Company, organizer of this grandiose project, is not only a part of the history of Arctic exploration, but is also worth recording in the Guinness World Records book.

Greeting by the art director of the JAMBAND design bureau Sergey Pushkarev

The Jamband Design Bureau greets the new and unique project of MVK International Holding Company, dedicated to the history of our country and its participants.

Greeting by test pilot of FSUE Flight Research Institute S.V. Korostiev

Greeting by test pilot of FSUE Flight Research Institute S.V. Korostiev"...I express profound gratitude to MVK for uniting all progressive forces of the society. Thank you for remembering our history and making it by yourself."

Greeting by Vershinin, Correspondent of the Peterburg-5 broadcast company

We welcome all the participants of the expedition!!! We are sure that this will be an amazing and educating journey!

Greeting from the director general of MVK MESSEN GMBH, Sergey Muench

It is physically impossible to literally translate history into any other language. But we can make it clear for people and nationalities if we do it together. The North Pole is the place where all historical parallels and meridians are joined together. History will always “feel at home” at the North Pole. Nationalities here pale into insignificance and people speak a simple human language. It is a unique opportunity for German colleagues from MVK to contribute to Russian history and help create history.

Greeting by the MVK-Travel General Director P.V. Revenko

Greetings by MVK-Travel General Director P.V. Revenko "...On behalf of MVK Travel tourist company and on my own behalf I heartily greet participants of the project Museum “Mobile polar museum”.

Greeting by Valentina Mikhailovna Kuznetsova, President of the Metelitsa Center

Greetings by Valentina Mikhailovna Kuznetsova, President of “Metelitsa” Center"...We recognize your wonderful and worthwhile idea. You have so much in common with SP-1 as you are also the first. We wish that you conquer all the “poles” of modern business. Your team deserves it."

Greeting by Vladimir Alekssev, Director General of the trade-exhibiton centre Zabaikalsky

Greetings by Vladimir Alekssev, Director General of trade-exhibiton centre “Zabaikalsky” “…We cordially greet the organizers and the participants of the new project of MVK International Exhibition Company. We believe that the recollection of memorable dates and events, belonging to the Russian people, will really bring out the patriotic commitment of the people of our great country.”

Greeting by S. Nikolichev, Director of the V.P. Chkalov′s Memorial Museum

I am sure that the exhibition Museum “Role of HISTORY in life and business” will make a significant contribution for each attendee, and will become a big step to new communicative skills, new quality of life and new business heights. And the most important thing is that the project will arouse in organizers, participants and all attendees patriotic feelings, pride and understanding that we live in a great country, that is Russia!

Greeting of Vitaly Volovich, veteran explorer, professor, doctor of medical science

Greeting of Vitaly Volovich, veteran explorer, professor, doctor of medical science “The history of the Arctic is the history of people’s bravery, courage and endurance. Many pages of history are written by Russian polar explorers, scientists and pioneers. Russians must know their names and feats. They must be proud of their compatriots. ”