Alexey Shaburov's Project



"We are not attracting people to the museums which, being geographically remote, are not convenient for all people. We are synthesizing a new Polar Museum which will be nation-wide. Life in the Arctic is romantic and hard at the same time, beautiful and extreme, lonely and filled with warm friendship and mutual assistance. Our mission is to awake in a new generation love for this harsh land. We hope this museum and our work will inspire some people. There is a place for everybody in the Arctic".

Alexey Shaburov
Initiator of the Mobile Polar Museum,
President and CEO of Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre


The Mobile Polar Museum was initiated in the framework of the North Pole: New Opportunities for Life and Business project, organized by Alexey Shaburov, President of Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre. One of the aims of the project is to tell the youth about heroic polar explorers whose will and strength enlarged scientific knowledge and added one more bright and glorious page to Russian history.

The museum is truly unique: seven Russian museums and polar explorers’ families and private collectors handled their exhibits. They were all gathered together and united into one harmonious composition. Today the Museum contains about 300 exhibits. Those are historic documents, personal belongings, photos and videos describing the feats of Chkalov, Schmidt, Papanin and Vodopyanov and reprinted newspaper issues of 1937 published with the support of MVK International Exhibition Company. The readers of Vechernyaya Moskva, St Petersburg Vedomosti and Kommersant (Ekaterinburg) can take a dive into the atmosphere of that time, filled with patriotism, enthusiasm and pride for the heroes.