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Greetings from the "Argumenty i Fakty" weekly newspaper

Greetings from the "Argumenty i Fakty" weekly newspaper

Greeting by Vladimir Titov, Director General of the Ekaterinburg World Trade Center and the Atrium Palace Hotel

Greetings by Vladimir Titov, Director General of Ekaterinburg World Trade Center and Atrium Palace Hotel"...It is very pleasant to know, that we still have enthusiasts, who are doing their best to keep the interest of our history amongst the younger generation and not letting us forget that we are a Great country."

Greeting by V.A. Romanenko, Niece of I.D. Papanin

On May 21st, 2007 there will be a celebration of the 70th anniversary of the historical event: Conquest of the North pole by the four explorers, under the command of the famous polar explorer, a truly legendary man, Ivan Dmitrievich Papanin.

Greeting by Nina Gromova, the Widow of Mikhail Gromov, the Distinguished Test Pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union

It is a very good idea to create the museum marking the 70th anniversary of heroic events in Russian history: Papanin’s expedition and polar flights of Chkalov and Gromov to the USA. It is highly important that the museum is mobile and many people will be able to see it.

Greeting by Valentin Efremov, polar traveller, pilot of the Saint Russia balloon

Thank you for doing me the honour of your participation in this project, dedicated to the International Polar year and the 70th anniversary of the Ivan Papanin Expedition. Being a polar traveller myself, I value the history of the North exploration by our predecessors.

Greeting by Dmitry Shparo, Director of the "Adventure" club

Greetings by Dmitry Shparo, Director of "Adventure" club"...I greet the new project “Mobile polar museum” with all my heart. I wish new triumphs and achievements to all the organizers and visitors."

Greeting by E.B. Steinberg, Head of the Regional Children Public Organization “Nadezhda Squad”

We all have to learn irrepressible flights of fancy, spirit of enterprise, constant determination for making business out of the ordinary and making it recognizable amongst similar kinds of businesses in the world. 


Greeting by Roman Karmen Jr., Executive Director of the Regional Public Fund of Non-playing cinema support

The Roman Karmen Regional Public Fund was established in June 2004. The founders of the Fund were sons of Roman Lazarevich, Roman and Alexander, his friends; colleagues Genrih Borovik, Alexander Surikov; his pupils, Tengiz Semyonov, Viktor Lisakovich, and all those who knew him and remembered him as a wonderful friend. 

Greeting by D.E. Zhalnin, Director of Murmansk Local history Museum

Greetings by D.E. Zhalnin, Director of Murmansk Local history Museum "...This exhibition project, which is dedicated to the heroic Papanin legacy, is not only paying tribute to the deeds of our fathers and grandfathers, but proof of Russia’s commitment to the Arctic." 

Greeting by Viktor Kartashev, Director General of BITIM Ltd, TEKON Trademark

The magnetic North Pole, the national pride of Canadians, does not belong to them anymore. Unfortunately for the country a discovery was made by Larry Newit a scientist from the Geomagnetic Laboratory in Ottawa on May 2005. Larry Newit being a member of the expedition to the North Seas conducted several measurements, and ascertained that the pole left the 200-mile zone that belongs to Canada and is now moving towards Russia.