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Greeting by V.I. Boyarskiy, Director of the Russian state museum of the Arctic and Antarctic

 "...Happiness is in motion, in moving forward.
I am sure you will conquer the Pole
and the ice will turn steel under your feet!"
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Welcome from the project’s author’s, Alexey Shaburov, wife: Julia Kagramanyan

Happiness, power, creativity: are all in our unity!
This gives birth to children, projects and beauty…
We go on and on, always to the best, always together!
That is why we are the winners!
The victory is with our project: the North Pole!

Greeting by Vladimir Shmidt, the son of Otto Shmidt

I cordially greet the new project “Role of HISTORY in life and business”. This is a very significant project, indeed. And it is very important to pass historical heritage to our new generation.

Greeting by Theodore Krenkel, Son of Ernest Krenkel

There is such a notion as vestigial radiation in cosmogony, meaning that light of a dead star reaches Earth many light years later. Human beings remember people long gone and their deeds.

Greeting by the relatives of M.V. Vodopiyanov, outstanding polar pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union

We thank MVK International Exhibition Company for its invitation to take part in this unique project, dedicated to the International Polar Year and the 70th anniversary of the first flight to the North Pole, made by the crew of Soviet pilots.

Greetings from Mike J Hewitt, radio amateur from England

Greetings from Mike J Hewitt, radio amateur from England«...On behalf of radio amateurs around the world, I greet the MVK Project “Mobile polar museum”, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the exploits of the Members of the Papanin Polar Expedition and its distinguished radio operator Ernst Krenkel.»

Roads of Metelitsa

The Metelitsa crew is known in the world as a women’s only organization which realizes scientific-and-sport expeditions in high latitudes of the Arctic and Antarctic. Metelitsa is included in a number of the most significant women expeditions of the world in the last 2000 years. Only our crew was honoured to be included on this list.

Roman Karmen Regional Public Fund of non-fiction cinema support

The Roman Karmen Regional Public Fund was established in June 2004. The founders of the Fund were: sons of Roman Lazarevich, Roman and Alexander; his friends and colleagues Genrih Borovik, Alexander Surikov; his pupils, Tengiz Semyonov, Viktor Lisakovich, and all those who knew him and remembered him as a wonderful friend. He walked with a camera over his shoulder during the whole war. He was an honoured “Art Worker”, author, producer and camera operator of many movies of postwar history, such as “Story of the Caspian oil industry workers”, “Sea explorers” and the “Great Patriotic”.

JAMBAND Design Bureau

The “Jamband” Design Bureau develops the design of internet projects, provides promotional, technical and informational support. The services of the bureau also includes the creation of multimedia- and video- presentations, corporate identities, catalogues, logos, advertising reels, etc.

MK - the media partner of the Mobile polar museum

MK - the media partner of the Mobile polar museum