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Greeting by Roman Karmen Jr., Executive Director of the Regional Public Fund of Non-playing cinema support

The Roman Karmen Regional Public Fund was established in June 2004. The founders of the Fund were sons of Roman Lazarevich, Roman and Alexander, his friends; colleagues Genrih Borovik, Alexander Surikov; his pupils, Tengiz Semyonov, Viktor Lisakovich, and all those who knew him and remembered him as a wonderful friend. He walked with a camera over his shoulder during the whole war. He was an honored “Art Worker”, author, producer and camera operator of many movies of postwar history, such as “The story of the Caspian oil industry workers”, “Sea explorers” and the “Great Patriotic”. The 100th anniversary of Roman Karmen was recently celebrated by us, and all the movies, which were located in the Krasnogorsk’s archives, were shown to numerous TV viewers and friends.

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