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Greeting by the relatives of M.V. Vodopiyanov, outstanding polar pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union

We thank MVK International Exhibition Company for its invitation to take part in this unique project, dedicated to the International Polar Year and the 70th anniversary of the first flight to the North Pole, made by the crew of Soviet pilots.

”The Arctic engulfed not a single human life, it did not dare to engulf our lives.”

M.V. Vodopiyanov

On May 21st, 1937 at 11.35 am the flag plane of the expedition, piloted by outstanding polar pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union, M.V. Vodopiyanov, landed the first research polar station “North Pole-1” on the drifting ice. How valuable was this first victory of aviation and science and what it meant for the history of our country, one can judge by the difficulties the pioneers had to face in those old years. Now flights to the North Pole have become common but still difficult work for pilots, and it is owed to the vast number of polar pilots who made a great deal of heroic deeds for Arctic exploration.

The thirst for knowledge is a hard daily task, without it no significant achievements are possible. We hope that MVK’s efforts to regenerate interest in the great deeds of our compatriots will serve for the good of Russia.
On behalf of M.V. Vodopiyanov’s relatives we wish you success in your noble work.

Vera Boldyreva (the daughter of M.V. Vodopiyanov)
Mikhail Boldyrev (the grandson of M.V. Vodopiyanov)
Svetlana Boldyreva (the great granddaughter of M.V. Vodopiyanov)