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Greeting by Theodore Krenkel, Son of Ernest Krenkel

There is such a notion as vestigial radiation in cosmogony, meaning that light of a dead star reaches Earth many light years later. Human beings remember people long gone and their deeds. Arctic history, and Russia is a super Arctic power, is preserved in the topology of the seas, straits, islands and capes. The Soviet period of Arctic exploration is rich in achievements, victories and discoveries. A 374 days long drift of NP-1 which started on May 21st, 1937 and finished on February 19th, 1938 is among those great explorations.

My father, Ernest Krenkel, was the radio operator of the researchers’ team. It was a great idea to start up the museum Role of History in Life and Business. I wish the MVK project North Pole success; it is very important for Russian young people because they should always remember their history.

Theodore Krenkel
Son of Ernest Krenkel