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The MVK arctic expedition goes on. Aboard the research vessel “Akademik Fyodorov”

Today Moscow greeted the heroic polar researchers, who participated in the Arktika’2007 expedition. Russian and foreign journalists and the MVK team were meeting the air-lift from Spitsbergen to Moscow. The Head of the deep-water expedition Artur Chilingarov emphasized: “the MVK team which accompanied us on the ice-breaker, was very professional. I like this team, it is creative, fast and friendly”.

Vladimir Gruzdev and Anatoly Sagalevich went to the meeting with the President of Russia right from the airport.

Meanwhile, the expedition including the MVK team, journalists, researchers and Mir’s crew went on. The MVK team included Natalia Yurchenko, press-secretary of MVK Director General, Alexander Sergheev, the editor of “Vokrug Sveta” scientific department, cameraman Dmitry Kuznetsov and photographer Alexey Nagaev. The project “North Pole – new opportunities in life and business” was led by Alexey Shaburov.

Aboard the “Akademik Fyodorov” we approached Saint-Josef Land. In the Cambridge Straits we move from the “Akademik Fyodorov” to the research vessel “Akademik Keldysh”. A small cater-boat named “Koresh” (“Buddy”) linked up the two “Academicians”.

The Mir crew was happy: “At last we got back to our dear “Keldysh”. It is small, cosy and it is allowed to take photographs everywhere!”, they said. And we were sad because we got used to our “Akademik Fedorov”. We got used to the strict schedule, made friends with the crew and it was allowed for us to take photographs everywhere on the “Akademik Fedorov”. Finally, the research workers accepted us; they gave us interviews and explained scientific terms and tests.

Though our presence caused some troubles and interfered the work of the expedition, they loved us for our team spirit, curiosity and escapology. For our devotedness to MVK. “We will remember MVK for ever”, said the participants of the expedition.

We met the “Akademik Keldysh” in the Cambridge Straits, near Saint-Josef Land. First, “Keldysh” came portside to load the “Mirs’ ” ammunition and equipment. Then it approached the starboard side. After that it went a bit aside and was waiting for the command swaying on waves. Submersibles sailed autonomously, they were launched in the water and the cater-boat dragged them like giant fish. Then they started to transfer people. The ice-breaker “Rossiya” came in the evening. The scientists were transferred to the “Akademik Fyodorov”. The “Akademik Keldysh” took aboard the journalists and research workers. “Koresh” sailed from one vessel to another like a water-bus. In the boat I felt the smell of the sea, salty, frosty and strong. It was scary to sail in a tiny boat on the ocean. However, even such giant vessels as the ice-breaker and “Akademik Fyodorov” seemed to be the smallest specks in the ocean.

I was alone in the cabin. A kind man from “Mir”, Maksimych, gave it to me. The guys were next door. One toilet room for two cabins. Nearby there was the entrance to the machine space, constant engine roar and smell of diesel oil.

In the evening the ice-breaker “Rossiya” came by. The researchers were moved to the “Akademik Fyodorov”; and the “Keldysh” took aboard the journalists and research workers. And the journalists from the “Rossiya” moved to the “Keldysh”. All night long the “Akademik Fedorov” accompanied us, appearing and vanishing in the fog like a ghost…

The head of the expedition, Artur Chilingarov, was quoted saying: “We are happy that we put the Russian flag on the ocean bottom where people haven’t been for billions of years”. Besides, he emphasized the fact that diving was hard and it was the most difficult expedition in his life. He thanked Anatoly Sagalevich and Vladimir Gruzdev for being with him and the MVK team for highlighting the polar expedition.

MVK is the media partner of the expedition Arktika’2007. The purpose of the MVK expedition was the development of the polar museum which was opened at the North Pole.

Natalia Yurchenko,
press-secretary of MVK Director General

“Akademik Fyodorov” – “Akademik Keldysh”, expedition “Arktika’2007”
Moscow – North Pole – Saint-Josef Land – Barents Sea