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A worthy change. MVK participates in patriotic education of the youths

On July 13, in the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation there was held a meeting dedicated to the problems of youth politics.

The agenda of the meeting touched upon studying the experience of the youth corporate programs realization and prospects of partnership between private business and state.

Andrey Fursenko, the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation took part in the meeting. He emphasized that “lack of high-qualified specialists is the main factor that keeps Russian economics down. Today we try to solve the problem through the cooperation between the state and private business. Nowadays business generates ideas. The participants of the meeting are concerned about the problem. We hope we will find new directions and projects for the development of the state youth politics”.  

Yury Sentyurin, the State-Secretary of the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, carried the meeting. He put an emphasis on the fact that development of the integral youth program is the recipe for successful salvation of the state problems.

The representatives of MVK International Exhibition Company well-known for its exhibition and patriotic projects, were invited to the meeting.

In 2006 the company organized the flight en route Moscow - Far East – Moscow, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Valery Chkalov’s polar flight. In April 2007 MVK team started up the first exhibition at the North Pole. The exhibits from that expedition and some exhibits granted by Russian museums were included in the exposition of Mobile Polar Museum. This museum marks the 70th anniversary of the first polar drifting station NP-1 and two polar flights of Chkalov and Gromov.

MVK projects are aimed at restoring patriotism and cultivating love for the Motherland and its history in the youths. MVK presentation carried by Aleksey Shaburov, MVK Director General, was highly important in the framework the new concepts of the youth state politics. The film about the North Pole was released at the meeting. In his report Aleksey Shaburov told about the project “North Pole – New Opportunities in Life and Business. “There are three key moments in Soviet history that everyone remembers: Great Victory, Gagarin and papaninities”.

Aleksey Shaburov told about Mobile Polar Museum that unites seven Russian museums dedicated to the North Pole and polar explorers. “We expect over 1,5 million visitors. Now we are preparing to demonstrate the museum in St Petersburg. It will include unique exhibits that were not exhibited before. They are the exhibits from the vaults of Arctic and Antarctic Museum”, emphasized Shaburov.

A child all-aged organization Nadezhda, which actively participates in all MVK projects, is worth special mentioning here. “Thus, MVK unique projects contribute to patriotic education of the young”, added Shaburov.

As a result of the meeting MVK International Exhibition Company was awarded with a Diploma.

The participants of the meeting agreed to organize a special consultative body of the Ministry of Education and Science concerning the problems of relationships between the state and private business.

Natalia Yurchenko
Press-Secretary of MVK Director General