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Triumphal return!

Today the whole of Russia enthusiastically met the polar explorers – members of the Arktika-2007 expedition. The special flight from Norway to Moscow with the “polyarniks” onboard was warmly welcomed by Russian and foreign journalists, MVK staff.

In the course of the first in history deep water expedition the scientists made many scientific research, as well as the “Mir” bathyscaphes dived to the ocean floor at the North Pole.

Arthur Chilingarov noticed that he is “happy to have dove to the ocean depths where no one ever was for million, billions years”. At the same time Mr. Chilingarov pointed out that it was the hardest diving in his practice and maybe the hardest expedition in his life. He is thankful to Vladimir Gruzdev, Anatoliy Sagalevich and MVK staff who were timely highlighting all the operations committed at the North Pole.
“The MVK team which was sailing with us onboard the ice-breaker is very professional. I like this team – creative, on-the-spot and friendly”, — said the head of the expedition.

We are proud that our MVK team contributed to the Arktika-2007 expedition and that Russia gained more new opportunities.

Alena Bazhenova
MVK press service
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