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Itinerary of the expedition’s Arktika-2007 participant

The expedition Arktika-2007 is going on. Its aim is finding an ice-floe to organize a drifting research station “North Pole (NP)-35”. On September 4th the vessel Akademik Fedorov with the participants of the expedition on board approached the atomic-ship “Rossiya” and is following it now. Vladimir Filatov, the representative of MVK, has transmitted the recent information and noted that the ice is soldered together now and it complicates the process of the ship moving.

The vessel Akademik Fedorov is now going westward towards Alaska. Its location coordinates are: 82 degrees of North latitude and 132 degrees of West longitude. Sharing his impressions about the expedition, Vladimir Filatov mentions heavy snow and ice fields.

It is highly important now to find a tough old ice-floe to come ashore and organize the drifting station “NP-35” there. The expedition helicopter is making an ice-patrol (about 200-300 km away) every day but it has not found an appropriate ice-floe yet. Meanwhile the participants of the expedition make scientific research. The explorers take water samples, plow up the bottom soil and study the ice. They managed to see a lot of polar bears, a pod of whales, sea-cows and seals. Despite the polar night it is very bright. The air temperature is -8 C and water temperature is -1 C.

The vessel Akademik Fedorov makes about 115-120 miles a day and goes westwards. Vladimir Filatov mentions that the ships have covered huge distances because of the abnormal weather caused by a great number of anticyclones.

*** The MVK International Exhibition Company is the expedition’s information partner and it is keeping track of the organization of the drifting station “NP-35”.

The information was transmitted by Vladimir Filatov,
Technical Director of MVK International Exhibition Company