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MVK congratulates the crew of the Akademik Fedorov!

The Roshydromet Arctic and Antarctic Research Studies Institute was built in 1987 at the Rauma-Tellak dockyard. It is a unique research icebreaker vessel. And today, on September 10th the Akademik Fedorov is 20. The Russian flag was raised on the shipboard to honour the anniversary.

MVK International Exhibition Company congratulates the captain and the crew of the Akademik Fedorov for the anniversary and wishes fruitful results and outstanding achievements in their work!

By the way, at the moment the crew of the Akademik Fedorov is searching for the ice-floe to organize a new Russian drifting station “North Pole-35”. It will start its work in the jubilee year, for it has been seventy years since the 1st drifting station in the world “NP-1” started working. MVK International Exhibition Company is the expedition’s information partner and it is going to keep track of the organization of the drifting station “NP-35”.