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The search for the drifting ice-floe is on going

The expedition Arktika-2007 aimed at organizing the research station “NP-35” is in full play now. Now the research and expedition vessel Akademik Fedorov is leaving the Canadian sector and is going to Novaya Zemlya along the Northern Hemisphere.

The vessel’s crew is still searching for appropriate drifting ice-floes. Vladimir Filatov, the representative of MVK on the shipboard, said that in case a suitable ice-floe is not found the crew will have to come ashore at the archipelago Novaya Zemlya.

At the moment the vessel is following the atomic-ship Rossiya which is providing an ice-breaker assistance (the ice depth is 1,5-2 m). Vladimir Filatov added that it is snowing heavily because the ship is going through the cyclone zone now. The ship is icing. The air temperature is -6 C, the water temperature is -1 C.

*** MVK International Exhibition Company is the expedition’s information partner and it is keeping track of the organization of the drifting station “NP-35”.