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From The Western Hemisphere to The Eastern through the North Pole

Today, at about 6 p.m. the vessel Akademik Fedorov will pass through the North Pole line thus getting from the Western Hemisphere to the Eastern. At the moment the vessel is going towards Severnaya Zemlya.

Vladimir Filatov, the representative of MVK, described that one of the helicopters that provide air patrols had a malfunction and was replaced by another. All the flights for today have been delayed because of bad meteorological conditions: strong wind and fog. They have not found the appropriate ice-floe to organize the research station “NP-35” yet. The air temperature is -12C, water temperature is -1C.

It is the second step of the expedition Arktika-2007 aimed at organizing the research drifting station “NP-35”. Apart from that the scientists make geological and ornithological studies according to the program of oceanographic research of the Arctic basin and Arctic seas. The expeditions to the Arctic have been organized within the framework of the 3rd International Polar Year, aimed at a full-scale study of the planet’s polar areas.

*** MVK International Exhibition Company is the expedition’s information partner and it is keeping track of the organization of the drifting station “NP-35”.

Reported Vladimir Filatov,
Technical Director of MVK International Exhibition Company