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The Arktika-2007 expedition goes forward

The main aim of the expedition is to find the ice-floe to organize the drifting station “North Pole-35” there.

At the moment the expedition is in the Arctic Ocean and heads on South-West. Its location coordinates are: 85° 14’ North latitude and 105° 10’ East longitude. The air temperature is -10°C, water temperature -1°C

At the moment the expedition heads on Severnaya Zemlya. On its way the Akademik Fedorov stops to search for the ice-floe, the crew bores the ice but the thickness of the ice is not sufficient. This year the expedition aimed at organizing the research station “North Pole-35” came across serious problems. Usually it takes 2 weeks to find a drifting ice-floe, but this year the search has gone on for 3 weeks already.

Now the flagman of the polar fleet Akademik Fedorov is near the Severnaya Zemlya islands and the expedition is likely to come ashore for organizing the research station at Baranov cape one of these days.

MVK International Exhibition Company is the expedition’s information partner and it is keeping track of the organization of the drifting station “NP-35”.