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The "Mobile polar museum" Display Outside Moscow

The pupils of Ekaterinburg School #171 for the first time acted as journalists at the press-conference devoted to the opening of the Mobile Polar Museum.

The "Mobile polar museum" was exhibited in Ekaterinburg from September 26th-28th. The display of mobile polar museum organized by the MVK International Exhibition Company is devoted to the Soviet polar explorers’ expedition to the North Pole in 1937 and the flights of legendary pilots Valery Chkalov and Michael Gromov over the North Pole. This historic and patriotic project is aimed at telling the citizens of different Russian cities about Russian history, heroes and their great achievements.

The display includes the polar explorers’ personal things, archive documents and newsreels and unique materials of the expedition “Arktika-2007”, deep-water manned vehicles diving to the Arctic Ocean bottom and the organization of the research station “NP-35”.