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Meeting Devoted to the Results of the Expedition “Arktika’2007”

On October 30th an official meeting devoted to the results of the high-latitude Arctic deep-water expedition Arktika’2007 was held in October Hall of the House of Unions. MVK International Exhibition Company was the co-organizer of the event; it had been the official media partner of the expedition and kept track of it for several months. In the lobby of the House of Unions the company organized a unique photo exhibition containing the exhibits from the mobile polar museum “The Role of History in Life and Business”.

On the stage: Artur Chilingarov, the Special Representative of
the President of Russia regarding the International Polar Year
Austrian polar explorer Mike MacDowell
Swedish businessman and philanthropist and
Honourary polar explorer of Russia Frederick Powlsen
Photo exhibition Arktika’2007
Artur Chilingarov and Honourary polar explorer Yury Senatorov