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ROSUPAK: Mobile polar museum will work at the largest exhibition of packaging technologies

On June 26-29, 2007 Museum Role of History in Life and Business will be working at the largest Russian and Eastern European exhibition of Packing machinery and technologies; equipment for manufacturing of packages; packaging materials; tare and auxiliary packaging means Rosupak’2007. The exhibition is organized by MVK International Exhibition Company.

Mobile Polar Museum will be located in hall 2.3 opposite pavilion 2 of Crocus Expo Exhibition Centre (Rosupak Exhibition Administartion).
MVK free shuttle buses will run from Planernaya station to Crocus Expo Exhibition Centre.

Aleksey Shaburov, Director General of MVK International Exhibition Company and initiator of the project says: “We broaden the borders and our minds. It is the perfection and joy of life. We want to share this joy with our partners. I would like to thank all our friends, partners and guests of Rosupak. Our museum is a patriotic, educational, historical and uniting project. We created this museum for your. We develop and improve for your. Due to you and together with you we can start up such projects, broadening the borders of the exhibition and moving it to a new level of uniting people, strength, development of corporate culture, pride for our country, because memory and history are connected with our future”.

Mobile polar museum Role of History in Life and Business is organized and promoted by MVK International Exhibition Company. It is marking the 70th anniversary of two heroic expeditions: the first Soviet drifting polar station NP-1 set up by Schmidt and Papanin and polar flights of Chkalov and Gromov through the North Pole.  

Now the museum contains more 300 exhibit items, many of them are exhibited for the first time. The families of Schmidt, Papanin and Vodopyanov granted the papaninities’ personal things to the museum: gramophone, logbook, coatee, bunny boots and the ice-floe model. By the way in the museum you can also see the pilot Vodopyanov’s musical scores. The polar museum also contains the papaninities’ portable radio on which Ernst Krenkel transmitted the radiograms 70 years ago.

The materials for the museum were granted by the project’s partners: The Museum n.a. I.D. Papanin (Yaroslavl Region); V.P. Chkalov’s Memorial Museum (Ulyanovsk Region); Murmansk Regional Museum; Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute; Russian State museum of Arctic and Antarctic (Saint-Petersbourg); Central Museum of Russian Air Force; Supporting Fund of Documentary movie n.a. R. Carmen; Museum of Sevastopol Defense (Ukraine); Krasnogorsk State Archive; Polar Explorers Society and Metelitsa Female Expeditions Team.

The project started at the North Pole point where 70 years earlier four papaninities came ashore. On April 23 MVK expedition erected Russian flag there and pitched an exact copy of Papanin’s tent which became the centerpiece of the exhibition.

Historic and patriotic project gained the state acceptance. It has recently been introduced at the State Duma of Russia. The staff, deputies and visitors of Duma emphasized “interesting patriotic tendencies in the work of MVK”.

Natalia Yurchenko,
Press-Secretary of MVK Director General