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Greetings from Nina Georgievna Gromova, widow of the great pilot, Hero of the USSR M.M. Gromov

I have caught a good idea to create a museum dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the heroic pages of our history: papanin’s expedition, transpolar flights of Chkalov and Gromov to. It is very important that this museum is going to be a mobile one, that thousands of people will see it.

I heard a lot of Alexey Shaburov – he does a great job connected with exhibitions and events devoted to the North Pole. I highly appreciate his wish to reveal patriotic feelings towards our great heroes of the past.

Let me speak aside: Ernst Krenkel, a member of the papanin’s expedition, was in a very close warm relations with Michail Michailovich Gromov. Krenkel was a charming person. We had our summer cottages close to each other. I had a photo showing Krenkel and Gromov, they were both true athletes – tall, stately, stalwart, walking along the path at our garden…

And speaking about your museum I recall an exhibition dedicated to papaninites and the transpolar flights. The test-pilot Mstislav Listov held a speech there. He was asked to meet with senior pupils. They came and sat, no they sprawled on the chairs. Listov started with Michail Michailovich. He asked them: “Do you guys know Gromov?”. “No, what for?” – they said. Listov began to speak about some periods of life and principles of Gromov. He looked at the pupils and smiled – they were listening to him open-mouthed. Before they were continually whispering, but now they were silent and sat still ever after. At another class Listov asked: “Have you heard about Grizodubova?”. “Yeah, a pilot. So what of it: a molly pilot”. Listov corrected: “A woman. Do you know that she was the only woman in the regiment and commanded it”. The pupils changed in their faces. Listov was a perfect narrator.

And I wish to you to present you museum with passion and love to your idea for the people to follow you.