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The Arctic Days in Russia opened today

Yury Senatorov, vice-president of the Association of Polar Explorers, Honorary Polar (left)
presents the identity of members of the Association of Polar Explorers to Director-General,
Chairman of the Board of Directors of MVK, Alexey Shaburov and the MVK President, Andrey Lapshin.

Today, the House of Unions hosted the Arctic Days in Russia in its Hall of Columns. The program includes a photo exhibition dedicated to the Arctic, an exhibition of Russia’s northern regions and the Institute of Arctic and Antarctic. A solemn session, festive concert and social function to be also organized.

According to vice president of the Association of Polar Explorers, Honorary Polar, Yury Senatorov the event is associated with the International Polar Year, which takes place from March 2007 to February 2009. The International Polar Year involves more than 60 countries. Yury Senatorov noted that the Arctic Days include representatives of Russia’s northern regions, distinguished explorers, workers who labor in the Far North and the Arctic.

Note, 75 years ago, in 1932, the first through voyage to the Northern Sea Route (Northeast sea passage) from west to east for a single navigation was performed on the icebreaker Alexander Sibiryakov. In 1932, General Directorate of the Northern Sea Route was established, and three years later the Northern Sea Route began functioning.

On June 14, the MVK polar museum was solemnly opened in the State Duma

One of the highlights of the International Polar Year was the opening of the Museum, The Role of HISTORY in life and business organized by the International Exhibition Company MVK. The museum started at the North Pole, where the heroic drift of legendary Papanin’s quartet began in 1937. On April 23, 2007 the MVK expedition left for the pole. At the point of “zero” the world’s first exhibition at the North Pole opened. Flags of Russia and MVK soared over the pole. Two tents – an exact copy of Papanin’s and one in colors of the Russian flag – were set up.

The Polar Museum was officially opened in May at one of the exhibitions organized by MVK Exhibition Company. The historical and patriotic museum includes more than 300 exhibits including the unique ones. It presents household items, personal belongings of the polar explorers, 200 photos, video chronicles and archival documents. Exhibits are provided by seven Russian museums and Schmidt’s, Papanin’s and Vodopianov’s relatives.

The historical and patriotic museum, The Role of HISTORY in life and business is to visit St. Petersburg, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, and Rostov-on-Don within a year. Some negotiations about its work in Germany and France are being held. Over a million people have a chance to see over its exposure.

On April 24, 2007 the MVK expedition opened the world’s first exhibition at the North Pole

Yury Senatorov stressed the importance of creating the MVK museum, “Though the polar museum exposure the International Exhibition Company reflects the history of the Arctic exploration, as well as research and economic development of the polar areas. The organization of such a museum, I believe, will contribute to the development of this harsh region. Noting the importance of the museum in the promotion of research and economic development in the Arctic which to some extent encourages business to invest in the development of the region where 80% of Russian mineral deposits are concentrated. The MVK patriotic action also attracts the youth to the development of the harsh edges, reminiscent of the heroic pages of history of the Arctic exploration”.

Natalia Yurchenko
Press Secretary to Director General of MVK, JSC
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