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The Polar Museum in the State Duma

From June 13 to 15, the mobile polar museum to be open in the State Duma of Russia. The State Duma Committee on Rules and Organization decided to hold the exhibition. A letter was sent this today by Chairman of the Committee, O. Kovalev.

Treatment of State Duma Deputy Chairman, Artur Chilingarov to hold an exhibition dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the first Soviet drifting station and flights of Valery Chkalov and Mikhail Gromov over the North Pole was reviewed. The Committee on Rules and Organization of the State Duma allowed to hold the exhibition in the foyer on the second floor of the State Duma from 11 to 15 of June 2007, and decided to assist the exhibition organizers.

Vladimir Schmidt at his father's tentг.

***Recall, on April 24, the MVK expedition opened the world’s first exhibition at the North Pole. It is dedicated to landing of the first drifting expedition led by O. Schmidt and I. Papanin on an ice floe and the legendary flights of Chkalov and Gromov over the North Pole. Flags of Russia and MVK were hoisted on the pole, as well as two tents – an exact copy of Papanin’s and one in colors of the Russian flag – were set up.

The exhibition at the North Pole gave a start to the historical and patriotic museum, The Role of HISTORY in life and in business. The exhibition was solemnly opened on May 17 at Euroexpofurniture. The Mobile polar museum to work in Russia and abroad during the year. Over a million people have a possibility to see it over. The museum includes over 300 exhibits. All the materials are provided by the Russian museums and the polar explorers’ relatives.

Natalia Yurchenko
Press Secretary to Director General of MVK, JSC
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