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18 Russian regions are waiting for the polar museum. The MVK press-conference was held in RIA Novosti

“18 regions are already waiting for the mobile polar museum”, said the project author, Alexey Shaburov at the press conference.

A press conference, The International Polar Year: new museum and exhibition projects, was held today in RIA Novosti Information Agency. The purpose of its summing-up was the opening of the world’s first museum at the North Pole and the mobile polar museum in Moscow.

Gennady Zabotkin, Deputy Director of the Department of Culture of the RF Ministry of Culture on behalf of the Ministry congratulated all the participants on the International Day of Museums, which is traditionally held on May 18. He emphasized that the project is of great importance to Russia, “We see that after the reform, many public cultural institutions disappear, or passing from the federal to the municipal level, need additional funds. According to the statistics only 40% of all museums can be exposed” By the MVK example, Zabotkin said that business people have become actively involved in cultural life. He stressed that as a motive for the mobile museum, it was chosen the theme which is not the most popular, but very important because we need to promote patriotism in every generation.

Vice-President of the Association of Polar Explorers, the honorary polar explorer, Yury Senatorov interested journalists and guests by his inimitable story of the first polar explorers, expeditions and conquest of the North Pole.

During the press conference all the speakers concerned the issues of study and development of the Arctic and the Northern Sea Route by the expedition of O. Schmidt and I. Papanin, as well as subsequent expeditions to the North Pole. There has been an important contribution of Russian scientists to the achievements of national and world science involved in the development of the Arctic.

Viktor Boiarsky, director of the Russian State Museum of Arctic and Antarctic, the honorary polar explorer noted the importance of The North Pole – new opportunities in life and business project. “The North development efforts are very slow, and I hope that by visiting the mobile polar museum many taken up by the idea of the organizers will promote patriotism, and some of the younger guys might want to tie their fates to the North and to become polar explorers”, he said smiling.

CEO, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MVK, A. Shaburov said
that 18 regions have responded and are waiting for the mobile museum

The project author, CEO, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MVK, Alexey Shaburov said that seven Russian museums that have submitted exhibits to the MVK museum, are attended by some 65 thousand people a year, and this is nothing for such a big country. Thanks to the mobile polar museum over 1 million people have a chance to learn Schmidt’s and Papanin’s stories. A. Shaburov told journalists about the birth of the idea of the museum. He said, “Only through teamwork it has become possible to implement the project”.

A. Shaburov said that 18 regions already responded waiting for the mobile museum. It was solemnly opened at Euroexpofurniture in Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre and will continue its work at Mashex exhibition. In September, St. Petersburg will see the mobile polar museum. Then Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Germany and France. The project author said that negotiations on the museum exposure in the State Duma of Russia are held.

The Arctic theme seemed very close to a man of music and art, Denis Shapovalov. Cellist, pupil of Mstislav Rostropovich, he became the first artist who gave a concert at the geographic North Pole. “The fact that I was the first Russian musician, and that Russia with such a project was first at the Pole is a real achievement. I’m glad there are people who understand the need to combine and generate common goals”, said Shapovalov. The musician noted that the new emotions he received at the North Pole, he would embody in the art.

V. Schmidt spoke about his father’s expedition to the North Pole

The son of legendary Otto Schmidt, Vladimir Schmidt was among the participants of the press conference. The idea of the museum, he said, is very important – it is a step on the path of moral education. The young generation must be prepared patriotically and know that we live in a strong country.

Journalist L. Rudsky from The Tverskaya, 13 newspaper
asked in what areas the MVK polar museum would work

Correspondents of The Moskovsky Komsomolets, The Tverskaya, 13, City FM, Voice of Russia, The Star radio stations, National News Agency, RIA Novosti informational agency and other media participated in the press conference. They had a long conversation with the participants and guests of the press conference - Vladimir Schmidt, Papanin’s niece Valentina Romanenko and Alexey Shaburov.

Alena Bazhenova
MVK Press Service