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Arktika-2007 and MVK have reached the North Pole!

Today the MVK delegation has once again visited the North Pole. Fleet of the High-latitude Deep water Arctic expedition consisting of the scientific-expedition vessel “Akademik Fedorov” and the atomic ship “Rossiya” reached the 90º Nord point at 8.52 msc. 

We remind everyone that MVK International Exhibition Company is an information partner of the Arktika-2007 expedition. In this expedition MVK pursues the aims to develop the polar museum, which was for the first time opened at the North Pole. Alexey Shaburov, Director General of MVK noticed: “We clearly realize the meaning of this event for Russia, for the development and exploration of the polar territories. We have made a museum dedicated to Papaninites. Today our goal is to carry the history and heroism of contemporary polyarnics through the generations. We realize our mission as to inspire the youth to love the North, to make them come to the North being scientists, workers of polar laboratories and frontier posts, builders, aviators and sailors”.

The GPS device was counting the last split seconds to the 90 latitude, and the longitude was simply “jumping”.  “That’s because the satellite signals are switching”, - explained the old sailors.

The seconds keep jogging on… The captain of the “Akademik Fedorov” Michail Kaloshin through marine communication: “High-latitude Arctic expedition Arktika-2007 has reached the North Pole! Congratulations!”.

The clacking of cameras, happy faces, congratulations. Young sailors, students of the Marine Academy n.a. admiral Makarov who are in training on the “Akademik Fedorov” have for the first time in their lives appeared on the top of the Earth. They exclaim, joke and … invite to jump on the jumping rope. When else will you jump on the top of the Earth?!

Everyone who gathered in the direction-finding, the topmost exterior deck of the ship, carefully listened to his heart – you seldom have a chance to go through the Earth axis! Today we are the lucky souls! This is a unique opportunity which was used by only 3,000 people during the whole period of Arctic exploration. Yes… this is the chance of a lifetime.

Some hours earlier at the 90° Nord the polar explorers set the Russian flag with ringing cheer. The sponsors of the expedition flew to the point in helicopters. “it is so small in these ice vasts!”, - exclaimed the polyarnics watching for the flag when “Akademik Fedorov” reached the North Pole.   

*** First the MVK team came to the North Pole from the Barneo ice-base on April 23rd, 2007. Looking at the smiling faces of the guys, at minus 25°C Ludmila Kulanina who was firmly following the commands of photographers, we thought: “How lucky they are!”. The members of the expedition have set up two tents, one of which was a replica of the papanin’s polar tent, and opened the mobile polar museum "Mobile polar museum". During the year the traveling museum will be opened in all the largest cities of Russia and MVK exhibitions.


Natalia Yurchenko,
press-secretary of the Director General of MVK
”Akademik Fedorov”, “Arktika-2007” expedition
Moscow – Murmansk – Franz-Josef Land – Arctic ocean – North Pole