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President of the Russian Federation on the successful completion of the dive at the North Pole

All the expedition members shouted “Hurrah!” to conquerors of the North Pole, Artur Chilingarov, Vladimir Gruzdev and Anatoly Sagalevich, meeting the crew of the Mir-1– the true heroes, the Russians, the first people on Earth who travelled to the Arctic Ocean bed at the North Pole.

Three-fold “Hurrah!” sounded in honour of the Mir-2 international crew: commander Evgeny Cherniaev, Australian Mike McDowell and businessman Frederick Paulsen.

The ISS commander connected the Akademik Fedorov, said Mikhail Krasnoperov, an official of the World Meteorological Organization to the UN. He admired the courage of pilots working in hydro-space, and conveyed his greetings and best wishes.

“The wonderful machines and wonderful people working at the Academy of Sciences honestly perform their job. Previously, few people knew about it" said State Duma Vica-Chairman, Artur Chilingarov after the Mir-2 crew reached the Akademik Fedorov board "And now the whole country and the world will know that the Russian deep-sea submersibles and the Russian icebreaker and the ship reached the North Pole and dove to the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. This is a great event for Russia!”

“It’s not just science, interesting to me as an oceanographer, it is also a political action”, said Chilingarov. “As Special Representative of the President on the International Polar Year questions, I reported to Mr. Putin about the installation of the Russian flag on the Arctic Ocean bed at the North Pole. He asked me to congratulate everyone”

“Only the best wishes to everyone. I am very pleased that we have added yet another glorious page in the history of the Arctic”, gave Mr. Chilingarov words of President Putin to the participants of the expedition and the historic dive.

The exhibits of the Mobile polar museum were again in the hot seat! Together with the Mir-1 hydronauts, the Russian flag and the exhibits of the mobile historical and patriotic museum created by the company dove to the bottom of the Arctic Ocean at the North Pole at a depth of 4261. MVK is a media partner of the Arktika-2007 expedition. The purpose of the expedition MVK is to develop the exposure of the polar museum, which was first opened at the North Pole. The commander of the Mir-1 crew, Anatoly Sagalevich wrote in the MVK logbook, “We Installed the flag of Russia to the Arctic Ocean bed”

The leader of The North Pole - new opportunities in life and business project, Alexey Shaburov said, “We clearly understand the importance of the event for the country, for the development and exploitation of the polar areas. We have established a museum dedicated to legendary Papanin and his team. Our task is to hold our history and the modern polar explorers’ feats through some generations. Our mission is to help the youth love the area and come to the North as scientists, employees of the Arctic laboratories and outposts, builders, airmen, and sailors”.

Natalia Yurchenko
Press Secretary of Director General of MVK
The research vessel Akademik Fedorov – the Arctic Ocean – the North Pole