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MVK on the Arctic ice. We painted the white silence with the corporate colour!

MVK painted the white Arctic expanses with orange! The MVK team held a photo and video sessions on the Arctic ice.

Yesterday morning the ships set off on the return trip, leaving the coveted point, but we never set foot on the arctic shelf. What is the North Pole without stepping onto the ice? Today, close to noon the Akademik Fedorov stopped. “Once again we were stuck in the ice and the ice-breaker will chip the ice (the icebreaker moves back and paves the ice-hole)” thought the expedition. But the stop was delayed ... Out on the deck, we found that the ice-breaker lowered a ladder, and all of the crew went out onto the ice and touched the North.

Demonstrating the wonders of imagination during negotiations, using our friendship we “loaded” into the helicopter, which flew onto the Russia. We were not waited for out there; Mikhail Krasnoperov, one of the expedition leaders strictly warned us that we may have to sleep on the couches, and it was unknown when we would be taken away.

Whatever it was, the Arctic is ice! Stepping on it, you forget all the dangers and sorrows, and feel joy, peace, happiness, an emotional lift and a burst of energy.

Arthur Chilingarov after a successful dive was very friendly; he accompanied Ibrahim Sharaf, a company president from the United Arab Emirates, for swimming in the ice-holes, but did not immerse himself. A few brave individuals repeated the same. Incidentally, it was warm. The temperature was 1 º C below zero. So was the air. It was windless, and the sun shone. As experts say, after this bathing the body burns, but it is impossible to catch a cold — a myriad of forces and clean energy grow over.

Journalists are free and independent people, and having yielded to the cheerful mood they joked and laughed when we were tracking the MVK letters with their help.

Note that the International Exhibition Company, MVK, is a media partner of the Arktika-2007 high-latitude Arctic expedition. The expedition leader, Director General of MVK, Alexey Shaburov noted that their participation in Arctika-2007 was an essential step in the development of the company’s image projects. “Information management of the expedition is to be the next logical step in the development of the Mobile polar museum, The Role of HISTORY in life and business, which covers the history of the Arctic exploration, from Papanin and his team’s landing on the ice floe 70 years ago and up to the feats of modern polar explorers”.

Natalia Yurchenko
Press Secretary of Director General of MVK
The research vessel Akademik Fedorov, the Arktika-2007 expedition
Moscow – Murmansk – Franz Josef Land – the Arctic Ocean –the North Pole