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Summing-up the arctic high-latitude deep water expedition

“We proved it is possible to dive to the depth of 4 km and resurface. And the task to determine the Russian continental plate in the Arctic is a national goal”, - said Arthur Chilingarov, the head of Arktika-2007 expedition, at the ITAR-TASS press conference.

The ITAR-TASS information agency held a press conference dedicated to the closing of the Arctic high-latitude deep water expedition, when first in history Russian bathyscaphes “Mir” dived to the Ocean floor at the North Pole point.

The State Duma deputy, head of the expedition Arthur Chilingarov stated that Russia is going to consolidate its positions in the Arctic. In his answer to the journalists Mr. Chilingarov mentioned Moscow’s decision to build up the military presence in the Arctic having stressed that now Russia is building a frontier post in Franz Josef Land and that a Russian submarine has already dispatched ballistic missiles from the North Pole. “We are going to pay special attention to the fortification and development of frontier pickets on the arctic coast" said Arthur Chilingarov "It will take pains to provide the proper work for the polar stations”.

The polar explorer specially emphasized two points: the expedition has for the first time reached the North Pole with the two “Mir” bathyscaphes and second, Russia has proved it has the best atomic ice-breakers and the best bathyscaphes.

Yury Leonov, the academician-secretary of the Earth science department of RAS noticed that for the moment Russia has two scientific components – experience of the “Mir” bathyscaphes, and soil samples which are of great value.

During the press conference the speakers spoke about the main goal of the expedition which consisted of scientific-research works as no one ever saw the bottom of the Arctic ocean. But at the expedition course this main goal undertook one more important task – political. 

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia thinks the expedition results will influence the official political direction of Russia when determining the northern continental plate. This position was stated by Mr. Putin during a meeting with Arthur Chilingarov and Anatoly Sagalevich. “what about the continental plate – certainly, we are to discuss it with our colleagues and prove it at international organizations”, - said Vladimir Putin. “We need to set the results of your expedition to the basis of the Russian political direction while solving these problems”,- mentioned Mr. Putin.

The members of the first deep water expedition informed they are now preparing for a new expedition to the Arctic. It will take place in half a year. At that time the North Pole will be conquered by the “Russia” ice-breaker. This expedition will feature the second stage of the arctic bottom research. As stated by the scientists the energy reserves there are gigantically genial, their volume is equal to the oil and gas reserves in the UAE.

An Australian hydronaut, member of the expedition Michael McDowell pointed out that the Russian polar explorers have made a valuable contribution to science and had good reasons to set the flag on the ocean floor.

To sum up the Vice Chairman of the State Duma Arthur Chilingarov has stated: “We are proud that we are the great arctic empire!”.

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