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MVK Portable Polar museum Is Going to Ekaterinbourg

The expedition on the organization of the research station “North Pole-35” was successfully finished. MVK International Exhibition Company was the information partner of the expedition and highlighted the organization of the drifting station “NP-35”.

 At the moment the MVK team is going to Ekaterinbourg. And a part of the Portable Polar Museum display will seen by the citizens of this city. The display includes the polar explorers’ personal things, archive documents and newsreel and unique materials of the expedition “Arktika-2007”, deep-water manned vehicles diving to the Arctic Ocean bottom and the organization of the research station “NP-35”.

The portable Polar Museum “The Role of History in Life and Business” will work in Ekaterinbourg on September 25-28. The museum was organized by MVK International Exhibition Company and is devoted to the 70th anniversary of the two heroic expeditions: Otto Schmidt’s first Soviet drifting polar station “NP-1” and Chkalov and Gromov’s flights over the North Pole. This historical and patriotic project is aimed at telling the citizens of Russia about its history, heroes and their great achievements.