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Russia proves its priority in exploration of the North pole

In the year of 2007, declared as International Polar year, MVK International Exhibition Company started realization of a large-scale project “North Pole – new opportunities in life and business”, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the first Soviet drifting station SP-1 and to the flights of Valery Chkalov and Mikhail Gromov over the North Pole. This project is to remind the world about achievements of Soviet and Russian polar explorers and to unite representatives of different kinds of business.

The project will start at the North Pole on April 23rd. For the first time the exhibition will be held at the point of intersection of Earth axis with planet. The core of the exhibition will be the tent, fully restoring everyday life of four heroic members of the Papanin polar expedition. Further this tent will be transferred into mobile Museum “Role of HISTORY in life and business”. The unique museum accumulates materials, presented by Russian State Arctic and Antarctic Museum (St.Petersburg), I.D. Papanin Museum under the Institute of Biology of Internal Waters, Murmansk local history museum, Russian Federation Air Force Central Museum, V.P. Chkalov Memorial Museum, Roman Karmen Regional Public Fund of non-fiction cinema support, private collectors. During the year of 2007, more than 11,000 companies-participants and 1,000,000 attendees of all the 115 MVK exhibitions will get acquainted with museum’s exposition. Museum “Role of HISTORY in life and business” will be attended by representatives from 60 countries of the world and from all Russian regions. The museum will be presented not only in Moscow, but also in St.Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Ekaterinburg, Kazan – the largest Russian cities.

The polar expedition will depart in the morning of April 23 from “Vnukovo” airport and will land in Longyear (Spitsbergen, Norway). After refueling in Longyear, plane AN-74 with participants on the board will take course for “Barneo”, the Russian ice base, located at 89° of the Northern latitude. After landing in Barneo at 6 pm according to Moscow time, travelers are going to have hot dinner and excursion around the base. At heated tents located at Russian outpost at Arctic Ocean courageous pioneers will land on board of MI-8 helicopters, which will take them to the place of destination of their journey in 40 minutes. At the North Pole there will be held the opening ceremony of the exhibition, survey of the exposition, photo –and video-session. On their return to Barneo, all the participants will be awarded with certificates for reaching the North Pole. On the same day there will be held press-conference, dedicated to the opening of the annual project Museum “Role of HISTORY in life and business”. On April 24, after summing up of final results, the expedition is going to leave for Longyear and then for Moscow.

Among team members of the expedition there are – Andrey Lapshin, President of MVK International Exhibition Company, Alexey Shaburov, Executive vice President of MVK International Exhibition Company, Vladimir Titov, Director General of Ekaterinburg World Trade Centre, Vladimir Salev, Executive Director of Russian Perfume and Cosmetic Association, member of Board of Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Viktor Kartashev, Director General of “Bitim” Ltd, Polina Ivanushkina, special correspondent of “Argumenty I Fakty” publishing house. The first exhibition at the North Pole will receive full coverage by mass media.
MVK invites you to take part in the new large-scale project. We have great experience in organizing events, significant for country and business. These events are aimed at UNITING extraordinary personalities of all generations, modern business, all progressive forces, aimed at FORMING active life position and reverent attitude to one’s own country, aimed at PROMOTING oneself in life and business.