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Presentation of MVK new conceptual project Museum “Role of HISTORY in life and business”

On March 20th in new Pavilion 7 of Sokolniki Exhibition Centre there was held presentation of MVK new conceptual project Museum “Role of HISTORY in life and business”.

The event started with words of Nikolai Rerikh: “Remember the North. If someone tells you that the North is gloomy and poor, than, note that he does not know the North. Joy and energy, and strength the North gives us, can be hardly found anywhere else”.

Andrey Lapshin, president of MVK International Exhibition Company, opened the presentation. “We got used to considering exhibitions as commercial events, where companies-participants present their production and services in order to find consumers. However, the exhibition initially positioned itself as reminder of key events of our history. Today we present a unique project, uniting business representatives who foster our economy and those who remember our history – our museums. Today in the hall there present all those, with whom we shall join our efforts and make one more grandiose step in our history”, - Andrey Lapshin said.

President of MVK International Exhibition Company 
Andrey Lapshin

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Director General of MVK International Exhibition Company
Alexey Shaburov 

The essence of the project was explained to the attendees by its author and ideological inspirer – Chairman of the Board of Directors, Director General of MVK International Exhibition Company Alexey Shaburov. He expressed gratitude to everyone who took part in the project: museums, associations, legendary personalities, who were present in the hall. Mr. Shaburov expressed special gratitude to business representatives: “I see with the eyes of my clients, clients of our exhibition projects, who have come today to see the presentation and from whom we also expect support. The project can be realized on our own, but if we realize it together it will mean much more. It will be the project, uniting different people and companies, forming life position, reverent attitude to one’s country, to one’s history. As there is no future without history”. 

Author of the project Museum “Role of HISTORY in life and business”
Chairman of the Board of Directors,
Director General of MVK International Exhibitoin Company,
Alexey Shaburov

All the speeches changed in a harmonic way into a film about the North Pole and heroic deeds of remote 1937.

After watching the film, Alexey Shaburov expressed personal gratitude to those, without whom exhibition at the North Pole and other MVK creative projects could not be realized. They are Arctic and Antarctic research institute, Club of MGIMO graduates, I.D. Papanin Museum, Russian State Arctic and Antarctic Museum, Murmansk local history museum, V.P. Chkalov memorial museum, Russian Federation Air Force Museum, “Metelitsa” crew, “Nadezhda” crew, “Adventure” club, Krasnogorsk archives and some other organizations. Mr. Shaburov expressed special gratitude to his partner Andrey Lapshin, family and his assistant Ludmila Kulanina. 

The project Museum “Role of HISTORY in life and business” has become possible as a result of joint efforts of all people and organizations mentioned above.

Having told step-by-step about the history of MVK conceptual projects – flight of Anatoly Kvochur, exhibition at two towers – in Paris city and in Paris village, Alexey Shaburov passed on to the third uniting step.

“By our third project – Museum “Role of HISTORY in life and business” we could unite on one exhibition ground not commercial structures, but museums. On the territory of 750 square meters we will place exhibits, connected with legendary personalities, whom you can see on the banners behind me – V. Chkalov, M. Gromov, I. Papanin. We will show you unique records. I would like to note that having analyzed situation of all 7 museums, we got the following statistics - 65 thousand attendees per year, it can be confirmed by directors of museums who are present here. And we say that these exhibits will be available to 1,5 million people.

The Museum will be divided into two parts: historical and contemporary. Each part will be dedicated to the people, who 70 years ago did a lot for exploration of the North Pole, and to their contemporary successors, - Alexey Shaburov said. – To attract more attention to the Museum we are organizing expedition to the North Pole. Planes and helicopters have been already prepared. The expedition will start on April 23 from Vnukovo airport. We are arriving at Spitsbergen and then moving to Barneo ice airfield. From Barneo we are flying to the North Pole, where there is going to be held exhibition that has not had any analogues before. Papanin’s tent that you have seen already outside the Pavilion will be exhibition At the end of the presentation there held welcoming speech Valentina Kuznetsova, president of “Metelitsa” centre, Vladimir Koshelev, leader of SP-32; Yuri Senatorov, vice-president of Association of polar explorers, spoke on behalf of Artur Chilingarov, representative of President of Russian Federation on matters of international polar year, president of Association of polar explorers.

President of “Metelitsa” centre
Valentina Kuznetsova

The presentation was closed with words of Nikolai Evtikheev, Prefect of Moscow Eastern administrative district: “What is being organized now – is a memory of heroic deeds and moral for those who will follow that great way. Good luck to MVK in this project!”.

The presentation ended with Russian National Anthem. And near Pavilion 7 there began pleasant evening with guitar songs, tea and baked potato. Famous travelers Fyodor Konyukhov, Valentin Efremov remembered their past and shared their memories with youth from “Nadezhda” crew.

A number of historical events, significant for Russia, was held in Sokolniki Exhibition Centre. Since 1959 there have taken place lots of exhibitions. Many industrial enterprises started their exhibition activity with exposition, held in Sokolniki Exhibition Centre. Such an experience and the level that MVK achieved in 2007 prove that this beginning will be successful and will unite many people.