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Greeting from Nikolay Kiselyov, Head of Administration of the Arkhangelsk Region

With all my heart I return MVK’s lead in establishing the Polar Museum, the Role of HISTORY in life and business, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the expedition of Papanin, Shirshov, Krenkel and Fedorov on the ice of the Arctic. I recall that during the war, Papanin led the Northern Sea Route from Arkhangelsk. He thought the place to be convenient for solving many issues related to the Northern Sea Route. And so traditionally it happened that all the Russian expeditions left Arkhangelsk, and the Russian north was studied form Arkhangelsk. By the way, all the prayers in honour of our sailors were just in the church of Arkhangelsk. The citizens hold the memory of the polar explorers.

In the Arkhangelsk region you will find enthusiastic support. Please, contact us with your suggestions, and we together with the Murmansk region and all those who live in the North, will gladly host your mobile museum. We are very pleased with your company’s initiative to recover the memory of such names as Papanin’s Four, Chkalov, and Gromov, the pride for Russia is growing. We wish the younger generation will remember the names, are proud of Russia, its past and present, tightly and firmly believing in a brighter future!

N. Kiselev
Head of the Arkhangelsk Region Administration