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Greetings by A.N. Chilingarov, special representative of the President of the Russian Federation on matters of the International Polar Year

I cordially greet you at the presentation of the forthcoming exhibition at the North Pole, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the first Soviet drifting station “North pole-1”.
The heroic drift made by I.D. Papanin, E.T. Krenkel, E.K. Fedorov and P.P. Shirshov has attracted the attention of the international community in the exploration and development of the severe earth region (North Pole), which is difficult to access. It proved that our scientists and industrial communities had the capabilities to solve any tasks by having created and used the foremost technical facilities and aviation. This started the systematic exploration of the Arctic.
MVK’s exhibition will regenerate the history of the heroic deed, attract the attention of businessmen to the North Pole and will be a good fit in the programme of the third International Polar Year and increase awareness of the Russian polar explorers who were surrounded by ice and hummocks and still worked under these extreme conditions.

Good luck!
Yours sincerely;
A.N. Chilingarov