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Museum named after I.D. Papanin in the village of Borok (Yaroslavl region)

The Museum of I.D. Papanin has been in existence since 1989 in the same house where he lived and worked while in Borok. The house was among the first cottages of the “Finnish” construction of 1952 – 1953. It stands apart because of its birchwood exterior amongst nearby laboratory buildings. The wooden panel house with the total space of 80 m2 is identical as it was when Papanin lived there: cloths, furniture, and dishes are authentic and convey the modesty and simple tastes of their owner.

The Museum named after I.D. Papanin

Ivan Dmitrievich Papanin was a well known polar explorer, two times Hero of the Soviet Union, Doctor of Geographical Science, Rear Admiral, Knight of the Nine Orders of Lenin and many other blue ribbons, Chairman of the Moscow affiliate of the All-Union Geographical Society, head of the department on Marine Expeditionary works and as a USSR First honorary citizen of Yaroslavl region. Ivan Papanin was a legendary man, bundle of energy and wisdom. He is a man with a strong sense, good will, kindness and discipline. His life was full of adventures, heroic deeds and creative ideas.

Ivan Dmitrievich Papanin

In the Museum there are five memorial rooms: lobby, dining room, bedroom cabinet, kitchen and bathroom. There are two exposition rooms – the pantry and the glass veranda. There is also a service room and entrance to a porch.

The life period of I.D. Papanin before his arrival to Borok is represented on the veranda mostly in photographs and documents. These are family portraits of the times during the Second World War, polar expeditions, and his works at the Geographic Society. One can see the fur boots he wore when at the North Pole, a radio, and the phonograph that was given to him by the enthusiastic Americans on the occasion of his successful return from the ice float. Also, you can see his rear admiral coatee and dress cap, and cases of his guns.

In the dining room where a hearty and hospitable host will welcome his guests, there is a sofa with a plain cotton cover, buffet, extension dining table laid with cloth, two arm chairs, more chairs and pictures of planes on the walls. It was here that Dmitrievich held the formidable business meetings and discussions.

In the room which he used as a bedroom there are: a two drawer desk, metal bed under a pique blanket, radio, TV-set, a lounge chair and sets of chairs. Two amateur pictures of 1938 painted in oil are hung in dedication to the hero of the Arctic. On the desk there is a wooden inkstand given to Ivan Papanin from the pupils of the infant commune Mosgorono on April 24th, 1934. This room is his personal sanctuary, this is where Ivan Papanin worked and rested.

In the kitchen there is a gas stove, home-made kitchen furniture and a water boiler for autonomous steam heating which was in use until the sixties.

The central exposition room displays the history of the Institute of Inland waters Biology of RAS: from the first order on the rearrangement of the Scientific-and-Research Station “Borok” n.a. N.A. Morozov to the works of today.

The Museum is open on working days for four hours and on special occasions it’s open on holidays. The attendance of the Museum depends on the guests who arrive to Borok either for seminars, discussions, conferences, symposiums and or consultations. Many tourists show keen interest in the Museum. Sightseeing groups mainly consist of students of the region and nearby towns.

Borok Village

The most valuable photographs of the exposition are ceremonial and everyday life, outstanding people, leading scientists, construction of the village, buildings of laboratories, jubilees, receptions and sabbatarians.

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Address: 152742, Yaroslavl region, Borok village, Nekouzsky district
Tel.: +7 48547 2 43 95