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Greeting of Yu. Burlakov, the Vice-President of Association of Russian Polar Explorers and author of the Book “The Papaninities: Elevations and Depressions”

Dear Friends!

The International Polar Year is a significant event for the whole world. Russia made a considerable tribute to its program. It organized unique expeditions and large-scale actions. MVK International Exhibition Company contributed to accomplishing the goals of the country. They started up the first exhibition at the North Pole and Mobile Polar Museum dedicated to the first polar researchers.

This year I wrote the book “The Papaninities: Elevations and Depressions”. It describes the bravery and courage of Russian people and I am pleased to see that Russians can still accomplish the feats. Such grand projects that Russia managed to put across are beyond the capacities of many other countries. I wish MVK International Exhibition Company success and good luck in all its patriotic projects!

Yu. Burlakov,
the Vice-President of Association of Russian Polar Explorers;
author of the Book “The Papaninities: Elevations and Depressions”