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Association of polar explorers of the Russian Federation

Association of polar explorers of Russia is a public structure, which unites Russian polar explorers, different subdivisions, involved in the exploration of the North, in organization of drifting stations, particularly the first Russian drifting station “North Pole-32”. It was the first drifting station, organized after a long interval (1991). Having received approval of A.I. Bedritsky, President of World meteorological organization and Head of Rosgidromet, the Association of polar explorers developed that project individually. It was done in order not to make profit, but for the good of the State as members of the Association of polar explorers had been obsessed with the North for a long time.

Briefing, dedicated to the landing of the first drifting station “North pole-32”.
Ivan Frolov, Director of the Arctic and Antarctic Rosgidromet research institute,
Arthur Chilingarov, President of the Association of polar explorers of Russia,
and Nikolay Kornilov, Vice-President of the Association of polar explorers of Russia.

The Association of polar explorers of Russia is also involved in the expedition activity. It builds and keeps in order the technical platforms for scientific, ecological, tourist and extreme expeditions.

Within the framework of the International Polar year, that is 2007, the Association of polar explorers is planning to organize a large expedition, “Polar spider”, that is a network of drifting stations, working simultaneously, as it turned out to be useful for science to carry out research not at one place, but at the same time in a huge area of 25-50 stations. The station will be international, because there is no such state, which could finance this global project individually. And the whole world will be able to use the collected scientific data.

Franz Josef Land is also of great interest for the Association. It is a fantastically beautiful place, but unfortunately it is strongly polluted with products of human life activity and requires purification that is planned to be carried out by the Association.

A. Chilingarov, Head of the Association of polar explorers.

Since 1990 Arthur Chilingarov has been the Head of the Association of polar explores. Arthur was in charge of a number of scientific expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic. Since 1986 he has been Deputy Chairman of the USSR State Committee for hydrometeorology and environmental control. He is an author of many research works on problems of the Arctic and Antarctic exploration, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of natural science; member of the British Royal geographical community, member of the international research club and of other famous international organizations. In 1985 he got the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union for the successful conducting of the rescue expedition for saving the research vessel “Mikhail Somov” from ice captivity. He was a State Duma deputy of three terms from the Nenets autonomous region. During each term he was elected Deputy Chairman of the State Duma, dedicated to the results of parliamentary elections.


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