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Club of MGIMO Graduates

In autumn 2003, a historical meeting of two MGIMO graduates Konstantin Gorenko and Kirill Bychkov was held; it was decided to gather all MGIMO graduates of their year. Kirill wrote a letter and together with Konstantin sent it to their colleagues, whose addresses they had. Elena Gorenko was busy with the organization of the event for a banquet of 70 people. Those who received the letter began to send it further to the circle of addressees exceeding the limits of one department and graduating year. The number of people, willing to take part in such an informal meeting, was growing day by day.

MGIMO - Moscow State Institute for Foreign Affairs

And finally, on November 14th, 2003 at two nearby clubs Botanik and Madam Galife, the first event, gathered with almost 500 graduates of all departments and graduating years. It took place with stunning success.

Then, there was the opening of the Informal Club, where official representatives of the Institute were present. At this event a number of musical, theatre and cinema parties were held: New Year celebrations and seeing-off the Old Year parties, Shrovetide and a Wonderful children’s New Year party. And on October 15th, 2004, at the second club mega-party, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Institute, 800 graduates were gathered.

So, a new tradition was born: to meet in autumn in the Informal Club, to have fun, dance, and, more importantly: to communicate, keep old contacts and make new acquaintances. For four years the event has transformed from separate meetings to a large annual event, where many generations of MGIMO graduates meet.

According to Sergey Kochurov, MGIMO graduate, such events should be held annually, as they allow former graduates to meet and resume relations in a free and easy party atmosphere.

MGIMO graduate Alexander Sklyar, permanent visitor of such informal meetings, thinks that it is a very important and useful tool for both young people and their elder friends. Besides good music, there are always familiar faces, with whom you can always reminisce with.

Elena Gorenko, MGIMO graduate and founder of the MGIMO club, ensures that these meetings are very important as they enforce strong relations and positive energy.



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