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The MVK team came to the continent

The route through Kola Bay took three hours. Then we moored. At 3 am members of the high-latitude arctic deep water expedition tumbled to the deck tingling with eagerness. The “Akademik Keldysh” was going alongside the dock. But we could not come off the ship, we didn’t have permission. We had to wait for an agent with the needed papers and permission. Early in the morning, at 5 am we at last disembarked. Only the local journalists met us there.

Land! Land! Now I understand the feelings of ancient travelers who really loved to feel terra firma after a long journey.
Goodbye “Keldysh”!
So long the Pole!
Will I be seeing you?

But we are hurrying for the plane. Thanks to Murmansk television – they helped us and carry our luggage to the Murmansk commercial harbour lodge. Our luggage was so large that we had to take two taxis. The boot wouldn’t close and I drove with a sack and the photo support clasped in my arms. Thank God, we were in time for the plane. With all our supports, cameras, batteries we were the first to come through all the control posts – MVK is always ahead. Then we registered our luggage. The hard polar adventure is over. Home, sweet home!

The MVK International Exhibition Company is an information partner of the High-latitude arctic deep water expedition “Arktika-2007”. The project “ North Pole – role of history in life and business” is headed by Alexey Shaburov.

MVK has once again joined the stream! Exhibits from the museum of the “Role of HISTORY in life and business” appeared in the epicenter of the movement! Together with the hydronauts in the “Mir-1” cabin the MVK’s exhibits and the Russian flag dove to the floor of the Arctic ocean to the depth of 4,261 meters. MVK’s goal is to develop and broaden the museum’s exposition which was first opened at the North Pole.

Alexey Shaburov noticed that “We clearly realized the meaning of this event for Russia, for the exploration and development of our polar lands. We have made a museum dedicated to Papaninites. Today our aim is to help them come to the North. We wish them to come here as kind masters and loving sons of the Arctic. We are confident that our museum will encourage them to make this wise step, and they will become great scientists in arctic laboratories and centres, builders, pilots and sailors”.

The MVK team included Press-secretary of the Director General of MVK Natalia Yurchenko, Editor of science division of the “Vokrug Sveta” journal Alexander Sergeev, cameraman Dmitry Kuznetsov and photographer Alexey Nagaev.

Natalia Yurchenko,
Press-secretary of the Director General of MVK
”Akademik Keldysh”, “Arktika-2007” expedition  
Moscow – North Pole – Murmansk