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Orange caravan. Symbolic coincidence

I guess, all the participants of Arktika’2007 remembered the symbols of MVK. They recognized the four of us by our MVK suits. The uniform protected the MVK team from frost and wind when we were opening the exhibition at the North Pole in April’2007.

Our steam-ship (as the sailors call it) looked fantastic when we saw it for the first time. Orange! And the ice-breaker was of the same colour! An orange caravan in a snow-white desert!...a magnificent spectacle!

All the expeditors liked the reprinted issue of the newspapers published in 1937-1938 and dedicated to the first drifting station NP-1, set up by Otto Schmidt and Ivan Papanin; and the polar flights of Valery Chkalov and Michail Gromov.

The MVK team organized the photo session and video shooting in the Arctic.

The last thing to do was to form the letters MVK with sea rope. It was the idea of Alexey Nagaev, the photographer of the expedition. On the very first day aboard the “Akademik Fedorov” I came up to the captain Mikhail Kaloshin. He looked at me attentively, listened to my idea and, so to say, asked me to march away.

But our team spirit won. Nagaev took up his chance and using friendly relations with the boatswain, brought his idea to life. By the way, the severe boatswain Mikhail, who terrified the whole expedition, helped us to form the letters MVK with the rope.

The MVK International Exhibition Company is the media partner of the expedition Arktika’ 2007. The purpose of the MVK expedition was the development of the polar museum which was opened at the North Pole. Alexey Shaburov, Director General of MVK and the leader of the MVK expedition, stated: “We realize the importance of the project for the country and for the development of the Arctic. We created the museum dedicated to the heroic Papaninities. We think that our mission is to awake in new generations love for this harsh land. It is important that they come to the North as good hosts and loving children of the Mother-Arctic. We are sure that our museum and our work will make them become scientists, arctic laboratory workers, aviators and sailors. The Arctic values every personality and every specialist…”

Natalia Yurchenko,
Press Secretary of MVK Director General

“Akademik Fyodorov”, expedition “Arktika’2007”

Moscow – Murmansk - North Pole– Arctic Ocean